Society Limonta is the Italian brand revolutionising household linen with a ‘design’ twist.

Created in 2000 it is part of the Limonta Group, a historic textile company, still today a benchmark for textile innovation in clothing and furnishing fabrics.

Society Limonta dresses up your home with passion and care, creating infinite combinations of materials and colours for the bedroom, the dining table and the bathroom.

Just like in the world of fashion, the collections are updated with the change in seasons, because the home is an extension of your personality and requires a versatile style that adapts to your ideal environment.

We prefer to dress the home in natural and refined fabrics. Luxury is about creating a product that transmits quality and emotions that appeal to the senses.

For Society Limonta luxury is something unconventional, substantial, but always understated, informal and gentle.


Society Limonta’s philosophy is extremely simple: never rest on your laurels.

An exclusive fabric or yarn, a colour that has never been attempted before, these should never be arrival points but rather stages on a journey made up of research and experimentation.

The desire to find ever-changing ways of interpreting the material manifests through the selection of complex and refined processes such as garment dyeing, which makes every creation unique.

Choosing washed linen or lightweight printed cotton voile for bed sheets or mixing wool and hemp to create new tactile sensations for example; rediscovering abaca, a highly resistant natural fibre, and using it to craft a refined tablecloth

or customising the bathroom with honeycomb towels in linen or in thick cotton terry cloth.

Society Limonta combines an inexhaustible thirst for research with the meticulous selection of materials and colour palettes.

Combining them freely allows you to create the combinations that best suit your taste.

Society Limonta celebrates fabrics through research that every year results in two on-trend seasonal collections, just like in the world of fashion.


For Society Limonta ‘research’ means looking forward without forgetting to look back.

This approach allows us to rediscover traditional, artisanal processes but develop them in a contemporary manner.

We start from the material in its natural form, but before that, from its unique ancestral heritage.

Limonta Group’s textile archives are among the largest and most important in Italy and home to at least 15,000 jacquard designs produced from the end of the 20th century to the present day, as well as over 100,000 fabric print designs.

This rich and immense legacy of history and knowledge is always available to the company’s creative departments and the almost completely digitalised Limonta Group archives offer a nearly inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Society Limonta prefers to use heritage to create something new.

In this way a printed or jacquard design is just the starting point for interpreting, changing, experimenting with new colour palettes, new blends and new finishes.

A jacquard design can be transformed into a print and vice versa, up-scaled into something large or reduced in size, but it is always the interpretation of a current style.


The path from ‘theory to practice’ means working with our looms.

The actual creation of a textile requires the selection of the finest yarns and research into styles, material and workmanship.

Limonta’s production history began with the creation of tapestries but over time we started specialising in decorative textiles, and finally, when Society Limonta was born, in household linens.

Our in-house weaving department collaborates closely with the research and development teams thanks to the flexibility and diversity of our looms and the use of different parts that allow the working of linen, cotton, silk, wool and cashmere as well as experiments with new combinations.

Our benefits for professionals.

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