New collection Fall Winter 21/22

The bed of the Society Limonta Fall Winter 21/22 collection is inspired by the 70s.

The patterns on printed pillowcases and jacquard duvet cover and pillowcases are inspired by textiles from the ‘60s, the ‘70s and the ‘80s. Linea blanket is made of grosgrain wool, while Scot throw of jaspè wool. The chevron pattern of parallel zigzag lines decorates pillow cases and duvet covers.

New Collection

Some inspiration

Emotions, romantic love, charm, precious and beautiful objects are made unique by a timeless beauty. To collect, to elaborate and then to perfect, to create and to transform, these words relate to a specific creativity coming from feelings and turning objects and places into an emotional experience. Technical skills, craftsmanship and attention to details help making this possible.
In the process which turns emotion into creation, time is essential. Time is constant movement, transformation and change, but it’s also an atmosphere, a subtle sensation that pervades us when experiencing a landscape, an object, a fragrance, a room. That atmosphere most easily found at home, the place of the soul for excellence. Society Limonta draws from the past without nostalgia and creates a Timeless collection, living in the present and imagined for the future.

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