New Fall Winter 22/23 collection

An allegory represents the abstract with a concrete image, transforming the intangible into something palpable and real. For the Fall Winter 2022/23 collection, Society Limonta gets inspired by the suggestive power of this literary device. Allegoria stages a play of sensations, colours and materials which capture the essence of the season in Society Limonta’s exclusive fabrics.

New Collection

Some inspiration


Three colours are chosen as allegories, as suggested by the collection’s name, of three moments of the winter season: fall, winter, and the early spring. Represented by malva, fall is characterised by colours reminiscent of the fruits of the season and wine, which fill the home with an intimate atmosphere. Petrolio is an invite to resist the rigid cold and to fully enjoy every room of your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen, when nature falls asleep and winter arrives. Finally, a verbena flower bud anticipates the warm breakthrough of spring, bringing a glimpse of the near rebirth.


Society Limonta’s winter bed presents BARRE which is the new flat sheet with a stripy jacquard pattern on a garment overdyed, double-layered cotton voile. NAP printed pillowcases in ramié derive their inspiration from the East: CLOUD pillowcases are inspired by the traditional Ikat technique. LAGOON, available in malva, pacifico, crab and verbena, is the new throw in jacquard cashmere and wool. COZY, a soft throw made of alpaca wool and linen, decorates the end of the bed and is available in both seasonal and basic colours.


Made of printed abaca, the three tablecloths MEG, BLUME and LAY present floral or geometrical patterns. MEG, available in colour iceberg, features a light blue floral print intertwined with thin branches in the background. On BLUME, in colour malva, flowers give space to an unexpected caramel-coloured line. LAY, available in two colours, petrolio and verbena, entices a game of concentric squares in contrasting colours, which gives the table a strong and architectural look.


The new seasonal hues malva and petrolio bring colour even to the most intimate room of the house with DRAI towel set and bath towel, LIPE towels in waffle weave linen, and MOLTO and PLISS bath mats, in cotton and canneté cotton respectively.


OLTRE Society Design Collection completes the lifestyle with new objects within the creative team or the result of collaboration with artists and designers similar to Society in taste and philosophy.

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