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The bespoke & hospitality service is specifically dedicated to professional architects, interior designers or buyers, who can get a detailed consultation on our products, qualities, sizes and customizations. 

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The designers who share the brand’s philosophy, research for natural well-being, taste for beauty and passion for quality, choose Society’s fabrics to dress spaces in design hotels, restaurants, private boats and yachts. As a manufacturer, Society Limonta can customize sizes and colours, managing special requests.

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The lifestyle proposal includes textiles for the house, the bedroom, the table, the bathroom and even accessories. The collection is completed with crockery and design accessories from OLTRE Society Design Collection. The different fabrics adapt to the multiple hospitality needs


Materials and colours

We choose the best materials, exquisite threads that become high quality fabrics with a finishing that provides traditional fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton or mixes like silk and linen, silk and cotton or cotton and cashmere with a contemporary look. All the fabrics and colours are tested to guarantee the standards of quality and resistance.


Made in Limonta

We can accommodate small requests or supply for bigger orders. The “Made in Limonta” manufacturing chain guarantees that all our products are produced according to the highest standards and in a specific geographical area, following a continuous innovative process. The in-house manufacturing allows us to choose the threads, the loom and to adjust it according to the necessity. Among our services, we offer Lab Dip swatches for special customized colours requests and a Monogramming service.


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You can visit Society Limonta by Martine Hansen in 1 of the two flagship stores located in Brussels and Knokke, Belgium.

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